Fujitsu Company invention

Interact with a paper book with fingers, we already knew. But when this interaction can copy content from the paper and then display digitally, is a real novelty.

Fujitsu is known worldwide for its range of reading lights FLEPia, and for being the first company to market a reading light with color electronic ink. The latest developments knew in this area also show the skills of the firm in this field.

The innovation of the company known as regards displaying text, but this time that Fujitsu is to interact with the paper by combining augmented reality, gesture commands, and creating a bridge between the paper and digital.
Fingerlink Interaction System technology used for this low-resolution webcam (320 x 180 pixels) which allows to place the finger in 3D space, and a projector to return the numerical result actually increased during handling. According to Fujitsu, not need complicated equipment, the image processing that makes the difference.
One can thus copy and paste from the paper to the table on which rests the book, magazine, newspaper, etc . It’s a bit like the touch tables where it is possible to move, mix, and sort documents Photos by moving. The difference is that the digital elements are here from the paper. But you can also perform other actions, like turning text into links with the display of additional items by clicking them.


We imagine then to read a magazine and access them from this kind of interface with other multimedia elements such as videos or soundtracks, as we begin to see some books equipped with QRCodes that are smartphones and tablets that allow ‘then access additional items.

Another innovation is shown in the video (end of post), the ability to copy instantly texts scattered on the post-it on the picture below. One can imagine the same thing for business cards or any other type of document. There are many possibilities and uses invented.


If the demonstration is quite impressive, and we projected in a futuristic world, the possible applications are currently less obvious. However, Fujitsu intended to market a version of this device in 2014.

To what extent do we will then re-assemble and store them in digital format elements extracted in this way? What is the quality of the scans with the small resolution of the webcam? With a version more “HD”, one could imagine a new way to scan documents and combine them for companies as for individuals.

That is, in any case, more proof that the control technology by gestures (like Myo bracelet or Leap module) are bound to transform our daily life in the times to come in the same way as touch interfaces have since few years with our screens.